Jake Levine
#504 Yongam Bldg.
Keimyung University, SeongSeo Campus
1095 Dalgubeol-daero, Daegu
42601, Republic of Korea


2013 to 2018 — Doctorate Program (KGSP Scholar) Comparative Literature
ABD (PhD expected Spring 2019)
Seoul National University, Seoul

2008 to 2010 — Master of Fine Arts Poetry
University of Arizona, Tuscon

2003 to 2008 — Bachelor of Arts Double Major in English and Creative Writing
University of Arizona, Tuscon
*Graduated Magna Cum Laude

2003 to 2008 — Level 4 Oxford TESOL Certification
Oxford House, School of ESL / ELL, Barcelona, Spain 


            2016 — Lucien Stryk Translation Prize (finalist)
American Literary Translator’s Association

2013 to 2016 — Korean Government Scholarship
National Institute of International Education, Korea 

2010 to 2011 — Fulbright Student Scholarship

2009 to 2010 — Johnnie Raye Harper Teaching Award
Tilly Warnock Academic Fellowship
AWP Intro Award (Poetry)
Poetry Foundation Award

University of Arizona

            2008 — Jack Huggins Award (Literature)
Hattie Locket Award (Poetry)
University of Arizona


2017-present — Assistant Professor of Creative Writing
Keimyung University, Daegu
*Classes taught: Translation Theory (grad), Translation Practice (grad), American Poetry, Western Modern Poetry (lecture), Beginning Poetry, Advanced Poetry, Contemporary Korean Poetry (lecture), Film and Literature
*Curriculum Development Committee

2016-present — Professor of Stylistics
Institute of Korean Literature Translation Academy, Seoul 
*Teaches and designs literary stylistics course

2013 to 2016 — Lecturer
Yonsei University, Seoul 
*Classes taught: Creative Writing (poetry), Freshman Writing, Translation Practice (grad)
*Organized campus event with international readers

2012 to 2013 — Assistant Professor of Creative Writing
Sejong University, Seoul 
*Classes taught: English 101, 102, 201, 202, American Culture and Literature

2010 to 2011 — Lecturer
Vilnius University, Vilnius 
*Classes taught: Contemporary American Poetry, Creative Writing
*Gave Department of Philology commencement speech

2008 to 2010 — Graduate Student Teaching Instructor
University of Arizona, Tucson
*Classes taught: English 101, Honors English, Creative Writing (poetry)
*Johnnie Raye Harper Award for Teaching Excellence

2006 to 2008 — English Language Instructor
Bernard Language School, Tucson


2018-present — Korean Series Editor
Black Ocean
*In charge of selecting and editing books for the Korean Series “Moon Country”
*Helped secure and write a grant for funding the publication of the first 10 books
*Secured funding for authors to participate in readings abroad

2018-present — Korean Special Curator
Puerto Del Sol
*In charge of soliciting, selecting, and editing for the Korean Special section of the Spring issue
*Helped secure funding for the publication, translation, and printing of the issue
*Helped secure funding for authors and translators to attend AWP 2019

2018-present — Assistant Editor
ACTA Koreana
*In charge of the literary translation and review section as well reviewing articles for the journal

2010 to 2016 — Poetry Editor
Spork Press
*Launched the chapbook series
*Edited the online journal
*Set up and managed social media accounts

2009 to 2010 — Lithuania Program Director
Summer Literary Seminars
*Responsibilities include program design, grant writing, fundraising, faculty invitation, advertising, event planning, managing yearly budget

2009 to 2010 — Editor-In-Chief
Sonora Review

2008 to 2009 — Managing Editor
Sonora Review

2007 to 2010 — Board of Directors
POG (Poetry in Action) Reading Series
*Helped write grants, design the reading series, coordinate events, and advertise
*Organized largest fundraiser in POG’s twenty year history


            2020 — Kim, Kyung Ju. Consoling the Eyes of Time Delay, trans. Jake Levine, Black Ocean.

            2019 — Kim, Kyung Ju. Butterfly Sleep, trans. Jake Levine, Tupelo Press.

            2019 — Kim, Kyung Ju. Whale and Vapor, trans. Jake Levine, Black Ocean.

            2019 — Kim, Yideum. Hysteria, trans. Jake Levine, Hedgie Choi, Seo Soeun, Action Books.

            2019 — Seo, Dae Kyung, Kim, Ha, Jaeyeon, Hwang, Yu-won. The Poems of Seo Dae Kyung, Kim Min Jeong and Hwang Yuwon, trans. Jake Levine, Vagabond Press.

            2018 — Levine, Jake, Kim Kyungju, Kim Bong Hyun, Mc Meta. 일인시위 (Poetic Justice), Atopos Press.

            2018 — Kim, Kyung Ju. Bred from the Eyes of a Wolf, trans. Jake Levine, Plays Inverse.

            2017 — Kim, Kyung Ju. Poet Blood, trans. Jake Levine, Toad Press.

            2017 — Kim, Kyung Ju. Crying For No Reason, trans. Jake Levine, Clinic Presents.

            2016 — Kim, Min Jeong, Kim, Yi-deum, Kim, Haengsook. The Poems of Kim Minjeong, Kim Yi-deum and Kim Haengsook, trans. Jake Levine, Vagabond Press.

            2016 — Kim, Kyung Ju. I Am a Season That Does Not Exist In The World, trans. Jake Levine, Black Ocean.

            2014 — Levine, Jake. Vilna Dybbuk, Country Music.

            2011 — Butkus, Tomas. God / Thing, Vario Burnos.

            2010 — Levine, Jake. The Threshold of Erasure, trans. Jake Levine, Spork Press.


2016 to 2017 — Poetic Justice
Munjang Webzine (Korea)
*A multi-lingual and multi-media poetry project with the Korean poet Kim Kyung Ju and the rapper Mc Meta that includes 10 episodes that deal with social justice issues in Korea. Each episode includes 2 poems in English and Korean, a song produced and performed by Mc Meta, as well as a music video and poetry videos uploaded on YouTube.

2014 to 2016 — Leaky Culture
Munjang Webzine (Korea) and Entropy Magazine (US)
*A series of 9 interviews and introductory essays with younger American writers including Erika Jo Brown, Sampson Starkweather, Janaka Stucky, Noah Cicero, Don Mee Choi, Richard Siken, Matthew Dickman and Ben Fama.


            2017 — English Language and Literature Society of Korea Conference
Seoul, South Korea (Dec. 12-15)
*Presented the paper “Hyper-representation in Kim Su-young and Sylvia Plath”

            2017 — American Literary Translator’s Association Conference
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America (Oct. 05-08)
*Moderated the panel “Locating and Representing Gender in Korean Fiction and Poetry”

            2017 — Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Conference
Seoul, South Korea (July 28-30)

            2016 — Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference
Los Angeles, California, United States of America (Mar. 30-Apr. 02)
*Moderated the Panel “Allegory of the Nation in Kim Kyung Ju’s Poetry and Theater”


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