Jake Levine is an American translator and poet. He received both his B.A and M.F.A from the University of Arizona and is currently working on a PhD in Comparative Literature at Seoul National University. He has been awarded many awards, scholarships, and prizes for his poetry, translation, and scholarship, including a Research Fulbright to Lithuania in 2010 and a Korean Government Scholarship. His translation of Kim Kyung Ju’s I Am a Season that Does Not Exist in the World (Black Ocean 2016) was a finalist for ALTA’s Lucien Stryk translation prize. Along with Johannes Goransson, Don Mee Choi, and Jiyoon Lee, he edited and translated a collection of poems by the poets Kim Yi Deum, Kim Min-jeong, and Kim Haengsook (Vagabond Press 2017).  A chapbook of his translations of Kim Kyung Ju was published by Clinic Press in England in summer 2017. He is the author of two chapbooks, The Threshold of Erasure (Spork 2010) and Vilna Dybbuk (Country Music 2014). He was born in San Diego, but considers Tucson, Arizona his home. He lives in Daegu, South Korea and works as an assistant professor of Creative Writing at Keimyung University and a lecturer at the Literature Translation Institute of Korea. He has served as a poetry editor at Spork Press since 2010, started the Lithuanian Bagel Project with Menachem Kaiser and Elaina Narbutaite in Vilnius, and is currently part of the Poetic Justice project with Korean poet Kim Kyung Ju, rapper Mc Meta, and hip-hop critic Kim Bong Hyun.